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Service Standards

• Benchmarking all plan expenses vs. peers with the objective of eliminating any unreasonable fees.

• Conduct Request for Proposal [RFP] (internal) or Benchmarking process on an annual Basis to determine if the current Service Provider remains competitive.

• Utilize RFP and Service Provider RFP database to conduct RFPs as needed.

• Work with the service provider and Plan Sponsor to help ensure compliance with Department of Labor Regulation 404(c) Requirements, which minimizes plan sponsor fiduciary liability exposure as it relates to the plan investments.

• Provide independent quarterly monitoring reports that accurately show how an investment compares to peers.

• Provide and Investment Policy Statement, which incorporates purpose, objectives, roles and responsibilities, investment selection and monitoring criteria, watch list criteria etc.

• Manage a blue ribbon list of top investment performers for investment lineup section or replacement.

• Maintain a Benchmarking/ RFP database to help determine that your Service Provider is still among the top ranked and to have updated market intelligence on quality Service Providers.

• Help in the establishment of an Investment Committee.

• Provide Samples of Investment Committee By-Laws, Delineation of Responsibilities/Appointment letter, committee appointment acknowledgment letter and documentation forms.

• Conduct Fiduciary Training and Safe Harbor consultations with the Plan Sponsor.

• Alleviate burden on benefit personnel.

• Help increase participation rates.

• Plan design assistance.

• Help improve participant deferral amounts.

• Explore safe harbors.

• Provide innovative solutions to meet plan needs.

• Bring to your attention any changes in legislation, case-law, etc and work with you and your provider to bring about what is necessary with the least interruption to you.

• Provide a customized sample Investment Policy Statement and work with the plan sponsor to make any necessary adjustments/changes to meet their needs.

• Provide quarterly independent monitoring reports.

• Provide a customized sample Committee by-laws and work with the plan sponsor to make them meet you specific needs.

• Assistance in the development of an Investment Committee (if needed).

• Present for your meeting to assist and bring expertise and research in to the decision process.

• Provide Fiduciary Training to your committee.

• Improving educational deliverables.

• For the "help me do it" and "do it for me" participants, we advocate with the plan sponsor to provide adequate assets allocation tool options through the service provider(s).

• Provide behavior based education(including virtual meetings and classrooms), to cover all participant behaviors ("do it for me:. "help me do it", "do it myself").

• Providing or working with a service provider, to provide investment education workshops to participants through the use of multiple multimedia sources.

• Work with participants to achieve higher deferral percentages.

• Assist in the delivery of  on-site group and individual enrollment meetings. As well as offer a forum for web-based enrollment meetings.

• E-mails and Phone calls responded to within 24 hours, but usually 2 hours.

• Participate in all Investment Committee meetings, as needed.

• Provide sufficient research and documentation 48 hours prior to committee meetings.

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