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What Comes First- Financial Wellness, Mental Wellness or Physical Wellness?


Financial Wellness/Coaching is a big topic nowadays as many companies are starting to realize that their best customers/clients are actually their very own employees. Employees that are unhappy and walk out the door create a gap that is expensive to replace. It costs about 2-2 ½ times the departing employees salary to replace that person.

So addressing financial wellness is certainly a good thing but how about mental wellness and physical wellness? I have asked many employers and colleagues recently which wellness should be addressed first and does addressing one address the other two?

For those of you looking for a clearcut answer here you are going to be disappointed. There is no clear answer. One could say that having your money issues solved could make you feel better about life and help you eat healthier which might put one in a mood to do some exercising. Sounds easy right? But the opposite road could be traveled with the same results.

Fortunately folks that work in the Wellness industry are coming up with solutions to all three concerns. One thing that I thought was great is that my daughter’s employer offers pet insurance which she took advantage of. Now that’s a great employer!

My guess is that everything starts with a clear path financially to start but I believe there can be a different path for everyone depending on what can get a person started in the right direction. The key is to get started. The employee today-----is in a terrible and dangerous area for themselves and their employers as well.


Regardless of which area is addressed first its important that employers take care of their best customers for everyone’s sake.


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